Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leverage your marketing efforts with social networking

In terming it social networking for your business I am referring to the process of synchronizing your business website to the social web. This is done by creating accounts on several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, yahoo and many other. By adding your business to these different social networking platforms you are allowing visitors to share and provide feedback about your business.
Going viral with good feedback!
By allowing people to provide feedback or share your business with others in their social environment, your are putting yourself into the living, and every changing web atmosphere. By doing this you are giving your business the opportunity to go viral. When I say viral I donot mean that your business is going to get millions of visitors like the monkey smelling his own butt. When I say viral, I mean your audience (visitors or previous clients) will speak to others about you! They will have real conversation about you! 
Google Results
Web creation like everything else takes work. The real benefit of the sharing is that when a visitor shares your website it creates a back link to your website. These back links are what will increase your page rank on Google. In turn your pagerank increasing is what tells Google that the information you are providing is accurate and true. If Google believes that your information is accurate and true it will place your website orarticle higher in their search results. This obviously is good because you will have a better chance of getting good traffic.

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