Friday, December 31, 2010

What are your 2011 Social Networking Predictions?

Who could have thought that Face book which has grown in a spree, twitter, YouTube could be this big last one year?
Are there any possibilities that there is another social network site that will conquer the current King of social media the Face book? That’s the question many internet geeks are asking themselves this year. I want to involve you in asking and answering this question.
What will happen to most social network like MySpace, YouTube, mebo, Orkut and many other? There have been speculations that the Face book boss may announce its IPO.  Do you think that will happen soon?
Twitter had a bad 2010. Following its several attack by hackers. Also not all people believe that twitter is a fully social networking site. For me I believe it’s a social networking site. Do you think it is? How can you predict your followers in twitter in 2011? This will be determined by its growth not forgetting twitter is undergoing management change. Executives are stepping down and others are coming for their positions. It has been predicted that twitter will experience a very boring 2011 despite the fact that it’s launching its ads site platform this year.
“We’re in a unique time right now because of the power of the cell phone with the two cameras, both the front and the back, and the broadband networks that allow photos to be shared simply and consumed through social networks in realtime.” ~Brian Pokorny, Dailybooth CEO
These were remarks made by Brian prediction the trend of the Mobile in the coming years. While social photography is nothing new (Flickr  and Face book dominate), mobile photography is just beginning to blossom, thanks to apps like PicPlz, and Dailybooth . Other services like Tumblr , Gowalla , Posterous  and most recent Foursquare are only pushing the trend further. Despite all the above face book is dominating in photo sharing according to my Internet knowledge!
What are your 2011 Social Networking Predictions?

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