Monday, January 3, 2011

Girls don't Play Video games is a Myth!

Call of Duty: Black OpsThe stereotype of gamers is clearly a teenage boy sitting in front of his Xbox, pounding away at one Halo or Call of Duty game or another for hours and hours on end. And while the industry certainly brings in many, many, many millions of dollars because of that pimply-faced teen, he's by no means the only face of the gaming community.  
Indeed, women and girls make up a very large bloc of gamers--they just are a little quieter about it.
"Girls and young women are a 'pot of gold' for the [video game] industry," George Van Horn, a senior analyst at market research firm IBIS World, told Reuters. "The gaming industry has market characteristics that many would die for."
Reuters reported that in an IBIS World study, "38 percent of World gamers are female, up from 33 percent in just five years. From January through August of 2008, females ages 18 to 45 made up 28 percent of the total industry revenue, ranking second to males ages 18 to 45, who made up 37 percent."
So while they may not be the largest group of gamers, it's clear that women and girls are spending their fair share of time playing.

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