Friday, January 7, 2011

Turning a computer on and off regularly is bad for it. Is this a myth?

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Another myth I heard when I canvassed my social networks was that a computer can be damaged over time by being regularly turned on and off.
In fact, said the TechSoft Geek Squad's Leumas it's specifically recommended that you do power your machine off on a daily basis, for example at the end of each work day.
According to Leumas, "Every computer needs its rest time," in part to be sure that if you're away from it and there are power fluctuations or surges, it isn't damaged by them.
As well, he said, it's recommended that if you're going to be away from your computer for small periods of time, you let it go to sleep while you're gone. But in any case, he said, a regular on/off pattern is definitely good for the computer, not bad.


  1. I doubt but will research

  2. on the contrary i think its the reverse,it would be best if it was possible never to ever shut your computer down expansions and contractions resulting from huge temperature differences generated by its electronic components are cumulatively destructive. if the computer was left on forever the huge temperature fluctuations resulting from on/off would be rendered almost constant thereby considerably reducing the expansions and contractions and consequently prolonged life.