Friday, January 7, 2011

How many other YouTube Videos did you watch other than Safaricom ad. Watch This.

You Tube is one of the biggest video sharing websites in the world and last year alone, there were more than 700 billion videos viewed on the video sharing website. This is a huge amount of videos to say that the website has only been around for only few years. There have been some extremely popular videos released on the website this year as well and some have even got millions of views.
A lot of the videos that are now released on YouTube are from large corporate companies who have chosen YouTube as a great outlet for them to release music videos as well as viral marketing. YouTube and other video sharing websites have become a great way to get things known around the world without any cost to companies at all. Of course, there were many other videos that were released by individuals around the world that got extremely popular.
YouTube also experienced a lot more views of their videos last year than previously because of the growth of social networking websites. More and more people are viewing videos and then tweeting them to friends or posting them on Facebook, thus giving more people the chance to view them. It is also thought that there was around 13 million hours of videos uploaded last year alone which gives a lot more content to the website.
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