Sunday, January 16, 2011

TechSoft Solutions Laptop Comparison of Ultraportables

Sony VAIO VPC-EE31FX/BJ 15.5-Inch Laptop (Black)Under 4 pounds

What You'll Get:

  • Portability:
    Not everyone wants to run through an airport looking like a pack mule. With an ultraportable notebook you can skip to the departure gate.
  • Compact Size:
    Pack your smallest bag because the ultraportable has few demands. The extra room you have in your luggage can accommodate a projector or printer.
  • Envious Looks:
    A fringe benefit of the smallest notebooks is the big stares you'll get for having them.
    If you want to make a good impression, you're better off with a small, futuristic looking notebook than with a dinosaur.
What You'll Miss:

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  • Performance:
    Ultraportables smaller mobile processors are designed for portability, not performance. Expect reluctant obedience in high-demand business applications and graphically intense games.
  • Battery Life:
    Batteries are the heaviest notebook component, so the lightest of notebooks have understandably shorter battery lives. Though you may often purchase extended batteries, they will add considerably to your travel weight.
  • Screen Size:
    Ultraportable notebook screens are typically 9 to 12 inches diagonally. Higher-resolution screens mimic a full-size notebook's but can be hard on the eyes.
  • Keyboard Space:
    Like the screen, an ultraportable's keyboard is smaller, so it fails to accommodate those with larger fingers.
  • Optical Drive:
    To save space and battery life, optical drives are often omitted from ultraportables. CD and DVD drives are often an external accessory, though they can be found on a select few of the heavier ultraportables.
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